Occasionally I like to spend a day just driving around the Mornington Peninsula practicing my Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations and every so often my bro Marcel Van der Horst (talented photographer by the way) invites me along to help him capture a wedding at the same time...go figure!

On this occasion in all the hustle and bustle surrounding Julie and John's little day in the sun I managed to be able to sneak around the back of the church and grab a handful of shots.

The light was just right, they were just right and as I squatted down to grab this image I whispered in my best Arnold impersonation, "If they wed, we can shoot it."

Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Melbourne Wedding Photographer – The Impersonator
Posted by Alexander on 3 December 2014

"Lovely, don't you, ever change,
Keep that breathless charm,
Won't you please arrange it?
'Cause I love you just the way you look tonight
Just the way you look tonight."

Thanks to Marcel,
Thanks to Julie & John,
Thanks to the Chairman of the Board.

Melbourne Wedding Photography – The way you look tonight
Posted by Alexander on 3 September 2014

You'll invite every acquaintance, extended family member and that guy from that place you can't remember but what about your best friend?

I love my dog and I do get along with all dogs. It's a shame we can't bring them along...most of the time!


Your friends....do you remember why you invited them?

Things to do on your wedding day #7784
"Dance like there's no one watching."

...but there is, because you invited them!

Laugh, dance – Melbourne Wedding Photographer
Posted by Alexander on 18 June 2014

"A loving embrace."

"A hug."

Irvin ball described “A hug is the perfect gift- one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it. ”

Between my missus and I, we call them "Smooshies."

Weak knees, short breath, ahhh, a hug
Posted by Alexander on 11 June 2014

"Yeah you got that something,
I think you'll understand..."

I was tagging along with a my mate Marcel Van der Horst, a great guy and fellow wedding photographer. The sun was out, we were on the Peninsula and Erica & Ryan were getting married overlooking the water.

Now stay with me here but that was back in March last year and the one thing that always sticks with me is that as soon as they stood together and said their vows, as soon as they became husband and wife and as soon as the guests began their barrage of 'Congratulations' they could not let go.

The Beatles said it,

"When I feel that something,
I wanna hold your hand."