So Bron and I went up to Canberra to get her a motorcycle to fiddle with and to spend a little time with some old friends.

Here's Ben & Cass from a graduation shoot they asked me to do for them from a couple of years back.

Love ya guys!

...especially how you don't drink beer. "I" love that a lot, in fact it's something we'll never fight about! The archery lesson was a treat too!

Roadtrips…just what the doctor ordered!
Posted by Alexander on 4 June 2014

I sat in an Airport last week just about to head out to the UK when I was introduced to this video.

You know those random chats you have with strangers over the most ordinary things where the conversation grows and blossoms then it abruptly ends?

I was an hour early for a flight and a fellow passenger had noted the big clunky headphones I had around my neck. She had a smaller set and asked to compare sounds. We kept on talking and then she recommended a thread on Reddit with this wonderful clip from the latest Titanic documentary.

"You will love it."

I certainly did.

If you've been to my Facebook page it reads in the 'about' section, "A Wedding photographer for people and the things they love."

This isn't my work but it represents a man truly in love with his job and I thought it should should be shared here.

Let's forgo my work this week and look at someone else's.

Bill Sauder – The Fragrance of Heaven
Posted by Alexander on 7 May 2014

Erica and Ryan sharing that moment before a kiss
- Shot as assistant to Marcel Van der Horst of MV Photography.

Look down the hall, look across the room, heck, get on up and put the computer down.

I want you to sneak a peek at that love-of-you-life and I want you to remember those brief moments before you first kissed, that moment in-between that wonderful friend and all it came to be.

Now call them over, smile and say, "I love you."

...or heck, just pull them close, smile, and while you're got them that close...just let that magic happen.

Welcome to my new blog. Over the coming weeks, months and years I will be sharing with you the latest news as I travel the globe and present photographs that capture my imagination and tell a story worth telling. I hope you enjoy!

About Me
Posted by Alexander on 24 September 2013